What our clients say

The proof of the pudding… here are a just a few of the people, who tell us how we’ve helped them.

I had no idea what financial planning was. As far as I was concerned, as long as I had a little bit of life cover and a little bit in savings then my family and I would be OK. However, after really digging down and discovering what I wanted for myself and for my family, and by going through the Lifestyle Planning process, it all became clear.

I have now gone from being massively underprepared for anything that life may throw at me, to knowing that, my family will have the financial security I want them to have.

It was a pleasure to have AKFP Group review and take care of all the investment, pension and life contracts that I had accumulated over the years and bring them together into one manageable portfolio with a clear indication of what I wish to achieve in the forthcoming years.

AKFP are friendly, knowledgeable and are able to reflect real life situations.

2019 Client feedback

AKFP understand my needs. They’re patient and understanding.

2019 Client feedback

I have more clarity over my finances, and confidence that we are financially sound for the future. I was impressed with AKFP’s ability to factor in changes into the planning model and review the results instantly.

If you’re looking for clarity or considering a major lifestyle change, get in touch.

Billy McConnell
2019 Client feedback

The Financial Life Planning process has enabled us to retire earlier than we otherwise would have. I have confidence in our financial security.

AKFP offer a knowledgeable, caring, understanding service that helps to give me confidence in my financial future.

Gordon Deans
2019 Client feedback

I have no worries about my money, knowing it is being looked after

2019 Client feedback

I would highly recommend Michael Kirkwood at AKFP for financial planning advice. I have known him for some 25 years and found his approach to be knowledgeable, professional and highly personable with a unique ability to develop close client trust and comfort factor knowing that the future is in safer hands and managed with the ultimate of attention to detail and integrity.

Financial Planner: Michael Kirkwood

I really enjoyed our meeting and found it really informative. I participate in lots of meetings, and hopefully, at least appear to be engaging in even the most boring, but the subject content of your meetings are so pertinent to one’s personal future it makes them positively exciting!

Financial Planner: Michael Kirkwood

Mark has worked with us for over 15 years helping us manage our money. During this time we were partners in our own Northern Ireland based business and, together with Mark, we have put together a strategy in order to allow us to build up savings through tax efficient vehicles such as pensions and ISAs. We have now got to the stage in life where we are stepping away as partners from the business and handing over the reins to the next generation. Our strategy over the years was obviously to build wealth so that we could do this later in life and step back to a part time basis.

Through Mark’s planning we have also made sure that we have taken the necessary steps to protect our estate against Inheritance tax and are comforted in the knowledge that we will be able to pass on some wealth to our children in order to give them a start when the time comes.

Putting a solid strategy in place all those years ago with regular six monthly reviews allowed us to focus on running the business and took away from worrying about the money, instead putting our energy into creating it.

Financial Planner: Mark Surgeon

Since we began working through the Financial Life Planning process with Roger and his team at AKFP we feel in control of our life and future for once. We had sort of managed our own financial affairs up to now, and had got to where we are more by good luck than anything else.

Roger recently took us through his Your Plan Design process and things have changed quickly for the better. The process was easy to follow and was well structured. He asked some very interesting questions which made us think about what we wanted out of life; this wasn’t easy. Like most people with a young family and a business to run, we were really letting our life be lived for us without taking control of it.

We received detailed reports which were easy to read and follow at each step of the process, then at the end of the Design stage we had a plan of action to follow. Managing our money isn’t a concern now. We don’t have to read the Sunday papers for the next fund to buy, leaving us time to concentrate on what we want to do with our life.

Financial Planner: Roger Kennedy