Michael Kirkwood

Senior Financial Planner Michael Kirkwood specialises in providing Business Owners with affordable life planning.

Michaels passion is exploring the journey of a modern business owner and the demands upon their time. He actively encourages a healthy work life balance and helps his clients realise how they can spend time doing the things that make life worth living, such as quality time with family and enjoying holidays whilst protecting their business interests.

‘Building trust and solid relationships is the most satisfactory element to my work’.

Michael is married and has two daughters. He spends much of his free time on the North Coast of Ireland where he enjoys cycling and an active, outdoor lifestyle. In his opinion, the North Coast is one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Michael uses cash flow software to illustrate to his clients a range of possible scenarios depending on the financial decisions they make.

‘Without the use of this software I feel that advising clients becomes very difficult, if not impossible. The cash flow models illustrate in clear and simple terms so that financial decisions can be acted on with confidence’.