Traditional Christmas dinner or a trendy alternative?

Apparently, people are more excited about Brussels sprouts than they are pigs in blankets this year.

New research by Tesco has shown that our tastes are changing, and vegetable dishes are becoming more popular thanks to the rise of plant-based eaters.

The nationwide research showed that in Scotland, 5% of people will eat a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner, compared to 9% of people living in the south.

The report also showed that Brussels sprouts were seen as a more important addition to a Christmas dinner than pigs in blankets were. Maddening.

Alongside this, 40% of households still buy a Christmas pudding, but this is mainly by over 50s – with less than a quarter of 18-34 year olds buying one themselves.

The data also shows the nation is split over that age old decision: whether or not to serve Yorkshire puddings with Christmas dinner. People in Norwich were the most likely to do so – 50%– while just 13% of people in Belfast and 19% in Edinburgh said they would.

The days of waking up and drinking until you go to bed on Christmas day are also coming to an end, too, as 14% of people surveyed said they won’t be drinking at all, and a fifth saying they’ll have a low intake.

Tesco’s Christmas report was launched to celebrate ‘the many debates and rituals that make Christmas what it is for people up and down the country,’ Alessandra Bellini, the chain’s aptly named chief customer officer, said.

‘Our research found that, by and large, we’re still a nation of traditionalists – but with a third of people mixing things up at Christmas each year, that is changing.’