Part 1: James’ first week of work experience at AKFP Group!

James Faulkner joined AKFP Group on 20th August for a 2 week internship before heading back to the University of Manchester to study International Business, Finance and Economics. Find out what he got up to in his first week:


I was granted the rare luxury of a late start for my first day as the team had an early morning training programme organised for new software installation.

Roger and James then took me through the firm’s goals for the coming months. My afternoon consisted of researching new, alternative investment platforms.


I spent the morning with Rachel, gaining an insight into her role in marketing for AKFP Group. Rachel, James and I then set aside some time to prepare the company’s elevator pitch for Wednesday morning’s Chamber of Commerce Networking event in Ballymena.

The afternoon consisted of some more researching but this time it was focused on the upcoming Annual Networking Conference and Business Showcase in September, at which AKFP are exhibiting.


Having spent the night tirelessly reciting our elevator pitch James, Rachel and I set of to Ballymena for the Chamber of Commerce Networking event full of nervous excitement.

This was my first ever networking event and it was a great opportunity to see how business representatives promoted their businesses, through short one-minute pitches to potential clients and how firms evaluate themselves against their industry competitors.


I joined Brian, one of the firm’s paraplanners, for an early morning meeting to discuss the progression of some of Roger’s new clients and to begin the development stage of their ‘Your Plan Design’ on Voyant which incorporates a client’s current financial assets and their future life goals to create a cash flow outlook of their financial future.

Following lunch, Rachel gave me an introduction into the Group’s new software systems which will help improve their clients experience and the ease at which clients can contact the team regarding any queries.


My day’s tasks consisted of participating in tutorial lessons and trialling different client scenarios on a new software system that the group is considering introducing to their clients. It has been very useful to gain an understanding of the different software systems that are available to Financial Planners and to understand why some meet the needs of the clients better than others.

The early 3pm finish on a Friday is a great perk that allows you to extend your weekend that lightly bit longer. I left the office after a very interesting and valuable week and headed for the North Coast to enjoy what would be last weekend there before heading back to University on 5th September.