One Life, Live it! Practicing what we Preach!

When Rachel Chowdhury from Client Services told us in a Monday morning meeting, almost a year ago, that she needs time off in September/October 2019 to climb Kilimanjaro we weren’t really that shocked. Our office daredevil regularly entertains us with stories of cliff jumping, hiking in the dark and trawling through mud at one obstacle course or another.

What is shocking is how fast the time has passed since then and Kilimanjaro is getting very close, Rachel is feeling the pressure and still can’t stop eating all the office sweets!

She is taking on the challenge in aid of the Northern Ireland Hospice and Children’s Hospice –

We encourage our clients to live life to the full and do the things that they have always wanted to do! One life, Live it is our motto and it’s great to see our employees embracing it!