Young Leaders - Videos

Michael Cunningham

Things move quickly in the world of technology and his experience of embracing the confidence of youth, embracing change and evolving from design and engineering and into project management, helped bring him to his current position as COO of the CAMLIN Group, one of NI’s leading businesses.

CAMLIN is a tech company which deploys technology in order to allow people to improve their operations, everything from keeping the lights on to keeping the trains running. It’s grown from eight people in 2008 to just over 400 people in 10 years. He believes that a person’s attitude, or lack of, is as important as the skillsets and the ticking of boxes on paper, for success. Once a person has the right attitude, the rest can follow. Recognising that although experience is important, there can at times be an inbuilt bias against youth, and that young people should be given opportunities if they earn them, he follows the adage of “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.”