James Gordon – Why I do what I do!


Our newly appointed Financial Planner James Gordon discusses his decision to make the transition from Paraplanner to Financial Planning.

His passion is providing an affordable and attainable life plan to the Young leaders of tomorrow.

James loves to help his clients identify what really matters to them deep down, their core values and underlying beliefs. He then builds a plan that helps them reach their goals and opens doors that they didn’t think existed!

“I have decided to make the transition because I believe proper financial planning is really needed for the next generation (30-40 age group). I want to ensure that affordable financial planning is available to younger clients.

Financial Planning offers a very rewarding career as your clients share their hopes, dreams and ambitions with you and then you get to go on this life journey with them and play a role in helping them achieve what they wanted to. It’s a very proud moment”.

James is in his 30s and married. He has one son, Alex who is 5. Being the same generation as his clients helps him relate to the situations they may currently be in and their aspirations for the future.

“I believe I can identify with many of the younger client issues i.e. young family, house purchase, divorce, career progression, debt etc. The general age profile of advisers would indicate that new, younger blood is needed within the profession and I hope younger people can look at Financial Planning as a career and see that it’s less about money and more about life. Money is a means to an end, really. Let’s get our clients living the life they want to live!”