Jacqui helps beat heartbreak!

Our Business Manager Jacqui has recently been in the press for her charity work on behalf of the British Heart Foundation!

Jacqui tragically lost her husband, Tommy, in 2017 to an unexpected and undiagnosed heart condition.

“After the sudden death of Thomas, we have been left heartbroken. We only know that there was likely to be a defect in the rhythm of his heart. Tommy was fit and healthy so if this can happen to him it can happen to anyone.  My children, Jamie and Beth and I decided we really needed to help support this charity”. 

Jacqui is supporting the British Heart Foundation in their mission to make electrical testing of the heart more readily available and giving people the opportunity to opt in to have tests done. Her son Jamie ran the Kildare Spartan Super Race in 2018 to raise funds for the cause, his initial target of £600 was smashed through events such as bake sales and hamper raffles, to eventually raise £3,800!

Jacqui with her son Jamie and daughter Beth

“The British Heart Foundation have been very supportive to us since our devastating loss of a wonderful husband and dad. We know this money will be used wisely by the BHF for extensive research and we plan to continue to raise awareness for this charity and support the work that they do”.

We are very proud of Jacqui and her two children for raising awareness and helping others under extremely difficult circumstances. We hope that Jacqui continues to fundraise, and we can’t wait to hear what challenge Jamie takes on next!

You can read Jacqui’s story in the Belfast telegraph here