Financial Planner launches ‘Young Leaders’ video initiative – In the Press!

AKFP Group have been featured in Financial Planning today! Here’s what they had to say about us –

A Northern Ireland Financial Planning firm has launched a series of videos coincide with the run-up to the Young Leaders NI Annual Conference.

The six videos are designed to give “fantastic insights and advice from Northern Ireland’s leading figures from business, sport and professional services”.

They include AKFP’s Rachel Chowdhury, environmental researcher and Chartered Financial Planner Dr Jonathan Bell and Carol Fitzsimons MBE Chief Executive at Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, among others.

Roger Kennedy, AKFP director & Chartered Financial Planner, said: “Feedback we often receive from the Young Leaders we talk to, is that they have detailed technical expertise having been trained at either university and/or professional training.

“However, in order to run successful businesses, this is only part of the ‘job description’.

“Having set up my own business at the tender age of 25, many years later I realise the advantages to be gained from early understanding that there are three main parts of running a company – the technical role (gained from training/qualifications), the managerial role (gained from training/qualifications/experience) and the entrepreneurial role (largely gained by experience).

“Whilst there are a wide range of business books available, we thought if we could assist Young Leaders by getting them practical insights from successful local business leaders, this would help them develop the entrepreneurial part of the role sooner rather than later, and this would allow them to grow both their businesses and them.”