Young Leaders - Videos

Carol Fitzsimons MBE

Having previously worked in the private sector in large teams and an environment of over 1000 people, she now sits at the head of a team of 22, so is well versed in enterprises both large and small. In her role at YENI, she oversees the implementation of entrepreneurship methodology to inspire young people and help develop their skills and confidence, as well as their understanding of the business world.

She’s a strong advocate for providing young people with opportunities and the ability to successfully approach them. Instilling a focus on collaboration, decision making, problem solving and creativity; arming young people with real world skills as well as academic knowledge.

Her big piece of advice for young entrepreneurs: “Build a network of mentorship around yourself, whether as a formal structure, or having like minded people around you. Find people who will actively challenge you on what your ambitions are for your business, in a way that’s for the benefit of both you and the business.”