AKFP Client survey article

You may remember that we ran a client survey recently. The reason for this survey was to help us gain a new insight into the thoughts of our clients and the service we provide for them. As promised, we’re now sharing the results of this survey and any actions we’ll be taking following the feedback from you all.

Client Satisfaction

One of the things we were interested to know was how satisfied clients are with our performance in several key areas. The feedback showed that:

  • 91.67% of clients are “very satisfied” with the speed of response from their planner, with the remaining 8.33% of clients are “mostly satisfied”.
  • 95.83% of clients are “very satisfied” with the speed of response from the support team, with the remaining 4.17% “mostly satisfied”’.
  • 91.67% of clients are “very satisfied” that we understand their needs, goals and objectives, meanwhile the remaining 8.33% of clients are “mostly satisfied”.
  • 87.50% of clients are “very satisfied” with the communication between our meetings, and a further 8.33% of clients are “mostly satisfied”.
  • Finally, 83.33% of clients are “very satisfied” with their annual planning meeting, while the remaining 16.67% of clients are “mostly satisfied”.

We’re absolutely delighted to see so many of clients answering as either very or mostly satisfied. It’s a testament to the work of our team that 4 out of the 5 questions had 100% satisfaction.

However, this doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. Every single member of our team will be looking to continue developing the service we provide. Ensuring that every single one of our clients receive the best service possible.


Next, it was important to us to discover whether our clients valued our service enough to recommend us to their friends and family. We’re ecstatic to say that 95.83% of clients would be happy to recommend us to their friends, family and work associates.

Even more impressive, a huge 84.21% of clients have recommended us to other people in the last 12 months alone! This is extremely exciting for us, as it’s a great indication of clients valuing the work we do for them.

Working with AKFP

It was important to us to know whether clients feel working with us has benefited them. For this we asked: “Do you believe working with us has helped/will help you to achieve your financial goals?” We couldn’t have asked for a better result, with 100% of clients answering “yes”.

After this, we were curious to see what our clients believed the biggest benefit they received from working with us was:

  • 31.82% of answers referenced the peace of mind they receive from working with us.
  • 13.64% of answers pointed to the comfort of having someone to go to with their finances.
  • A further 13.64% of answers included reference to the security a plan provides.

We’re glad that so many of our clients feel at ease thanks to work with us and we hope to continue to provide this moving forward.

Our entire team would like to take a moment and thank everyone who took part in the client survey. The feedback received has not only given our entire team a morale boost, but has been extremely useful for us. The results of this will ensure that we continue to provide the high quality service AKFP clients have come to expect from us.