10 Things business owners wish they had done 10 years earlier

We all look back on some of the decisions we have made, don’t we, and with hindsight, wish we’d done things differently. There are, no doubt, all sorts of hints and tips we’d give our younger selves.

There are no instructions, unfortunately, when it comes to starting a new business as a first-time entrepreneur or even growing an existing business, so mistakes will inevitably be made along the way. When you’ve got a busy career or are in the middle of setting up a new business, there are a huge number of priorities that need balancing and it’s no surprise that some things slip.

Research from business owners who have been through it, however, has uncovered some clear advice. So in this guide, we’ve pulled together the ten most common things they say they wish they’d done earlier.

Which ones do you most identify with? In ten years time, if you could travel back in time, what do you think you’d be changing? What would have made a dramatic difference to your business? How much pain and heartache could you have saved yourself?

We hope we’re giving you ten key steps to success. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in touch with us.